DNA App Store

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An online store for information about your genes will make it cheap and easy to learn more about your health risks and predispositions.

Availability: this year

While driving and listening to National Public Radio one day, Justin Kao heard about the discovery of a “sweet tooth gene” that makes you more likely to crave sweets. “Oh my God,” thought Kao, who has always loved cookies. “I would pay $5 to know if I had that.”

Kao is hoping that millions of other people will be just as eager to spend a few bucks for tidbits revealed in their DNA. He is a cofounder of Helixa, a San Francisco–based company that last summer secured more than $100 million in a quest to create the first “app store” for genetic information.

DNA App Store Breakthrough A new business model for DNA sequencing that will make genetic information widely accessible online. Why It Matters Your genome determines a great deal about you, including your likelihood of getting certain diseases. Key Players in Consumer Genomics – Helix
– Illumina
– Veritas GeneticsOur genomes hold information about our health risks, our physical traits, and whom…

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