Cheerful Little Chart Tells You How You Might Die

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A fascinating, if somewhat morbid, corner of the digital design world is devoted entirely to predicting your death. The people inhabiting this world do things like mine data from the Social Security Administration to create charts that illustrate when you’re likely to die. They create tools like an Apple Watch concept app that counts down how much (or how little) life you have left to live.

And now this, an interactive chart that tells you how you’re most likely to die at a given age, based on your race and biological sex. It’s the work of statistician Nathan Yau, whom you may know from his website, Flowingdata, or perhaps one of his other mortality calculators.

Nathan Yau:

Should you choose to walk down this dark and existentially fraught path, “How You Will Die” is straightforward: Enter your data and watch a grid of gray dots flicker to life and start turning colors. Like a macabre game of Candy Crush, the colored dots are coded to represent all the ways someone in your demographic can die. The chart automatically ticks upward by age, so if you start at, say, 28, you’ll see how you could likely kick the bucket at 28, then 29, then 30, and so on.

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