23andMe Will Resume Giving Users Health Data

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The New York Times.

The genetic testing company 23andMe became a Silicon Valley sensation by providing consumers with health and ancestry information based on a sample of their saliva, but suffered a setback when the Food and Drug Administration told it to stop presenting health data in 2013.

Now, after nearly two years, 23andMe is announcing on Wednesday that it will begin providing customers with health information again, though much less than before and with F.D.A. approval.

The company hopes the information, which relates to the risk of passing certain inherited diseases to one’s children, will reignite growth in its subscriptions — even as the company evolves from being just a consumer testing service into a drug developer. It has also revamped its website to make the genetic information easier to understand and is raising the price of its service to $199, from $99.

“Part of what we tried to do over the last two years is take advantage of being off the market to redesign the entire experience,” said Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and chief executive of 23andMe.

The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., initially…

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