Feeding Pigeons

Paging Dr. Pigeon; You’re Needed in Radiology

Pigeons have excellent vision and, it turns out, can be trained to identify malignant and benign breast tumors pretty much as a radiologist or a pathologist would — by looking at a mammogram or a slide from a biopsy.

Puppy playing in field.

Learning From Dogs With Cancer

Dogs, in particular, are a focus of research in the cancer community, after the preliminary mapping of the canine genome in 2005 and advances in veterinary medicine.

Patients Are Seen as Potential Donors, Many Doctors Say

More and more these days, development offices at major cancer centers are teaching doctors to seize such opportunities to raise money for the medical center or for their own research.

In an unprecedented survey of more than 400 oncologists at 40 leading cancer centers, nearly half said they had been taught to identify wealthy patients who might be prospective donors.

Combination Drug May Ease the Agitation of Alzheimer’s

Agitation and aggression are common in Alzheimer’s patients, and there is no known safe and effective treatment. Now researchers report that a combination drug already in use for treating certain neurological problems may be a better remedy. Dextromethorphan is a…