A Debate Behind Recommendations on Cellphone Risk

A 2010 study found no overall increase in health risk from cellphone use, but monthly usage time was much shorter then. By DANNY HAKIM January 1, 2016 When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new guidelines 18 months ago regarding…

Gene Editing Offers Hope for Treating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Three cross-sections of muscle tissue from mice. From left, normal, healthy tissue; tissue with Duchenne muscular dystrophy; and tissue after gene-editing treatment. By NICHOLAS WADE December 31, 2015 After decades of disappointingly slow progress, researchers have taken a substantial step toward a…

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Well: So Lonely It Hurts

Photo Credit Illustration by Sam Island The column appeared in The New York Times Magazine on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015. For early humans, being alone was no way to live. Those on the tribe’s periphery faced increased risks of starvation,…

DNA Illuminated in Bromide

Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries

The new research demonstrates that specific digital files can be retrieved from a potentially vast pool of data. The new storage technology would also be capable of keeping immense amounts of information safely for a millennium or longer, researchers say.

The Heart Disease Conundrum

Traditional cardiac risk models, developed by studying mostly white Americans, don’t fully apply to ethnic communities. This is a knowledge gap that must be filled in the coming years.