Patient: ‘Hospice isn’t all about death and dying’ | April 7, 2016 “Don’t wait until the last minute [to start hospice services],” she said. “Hospice isn’t all about death and dying. It’s about transcending where you are and getting ready for when the time comes.” When Barbara…

Advance Care Directives

Patients have a right to take an active role in their own health care. Unfortunately, there are times, such as sudden illness or an accident, when this is not possible.

Living With Cancer: My Doctor, My Friend

When my oncologist told me about her various job offers, she laughed and reassured me that the only position that could lure her away would be a professorship named for Princess Diana. Of course I knew she was kidding.

Think Like a Doctor

The operation, called a gastric sleeve, went fine. Her daughter came home just a couple of days after the surgery. She had no pain. She said she felt great. And she looked bright and eager.

Patients Are Seen as Potential Donors, Many Doctors Say

More and more these days, development offices at major cancer centers are teaching doctors to seize such opportunities to raise money for the medical center or for their own research.

In an unprecedented survey of more than 400 oncologists at 40 leading cancer centers, nearly half said they had been taught to identify wealthy patients who might be prospective donors.

Well: Is It Alzheimer’s, or A.D.H.D.?

The 73-year-old widow came to see Dr. David Goodman, an assistant professor in the psychiatry and behavioral sciences department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, after her daughter had urged her to “see somebody” for her increasing forgetfulness. She was…

Study Offers Support for Cancer Treatment During Pregnancy

By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS It is among the most delicate and difficult dilemmas in medicine: Should a pregnant woman who has received a cancer diagnosis begin treatment before her child is born? Some hesitant doctors counsel women to deliver preterm or even terminate…