Palliative Care

New FAAHPM – Kimberly A. Bower, MD HMDC FAAHPM

Congratulations to Dr. Kimberly Bower who recently earned the designation Fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. This new Fellow of the Academy was asked – Who would you consider your primary mentor and what have you…

Flowers at Sunset

Hospice Care Isn’t Enough For All The Dying

Other medical professionals also are realizing that terminally ill adults should have access to a full range of end-of-life options. In May, the California Medical Association dropped its 28-year-long opposition to medical aid in dying, acknowledging that “despite the remarkable medical breakthroughs we’ve made and the world-class hospice or palliative care we can provide, it isn’t always enough.”

Home care with family.

Dying Well Means Dying At Home

Not only more pleasant and dignified, palliative care at home paradoxically also provides for greater longevity- perhaps because it reduces the substantial risks of medical mistakes and hospital superbug infections. In death, as in life, less is often more.

What Is Palliative Care, Anyway?

Palliative care is a new medical specialty that focuses on improving the quality of life of seriously ill patients and their families by addressing the pain, symptoms, and stress caused by serious illness.