Well: Can Too Much Exercise Harm the Heart?

Photo Credit iStock With many of us contemplating marathons or other prolonged endurance events in 2016, we, our spouses and other family members most likely have wondered whether such strenuous training could be harmful to our hearts. Could any of…

Well: Ask Well: Blood Pressure Over Age 70

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The Heart Disease Conundrum

Traditional cardiac risk models, developed by studying mostly white Americans, don’t fully apply to ethnic communities. This is a knowledge gap that must be filled in the coming years.

Heart Anatomy

Google Aims a $50 Million Moonshot at Curing Heart Disease

“Traditional research funding models are often incremental and piecemeal, making it difficult to study a long-term, multifaceted subject,” Andrew Conrad, CEO of the life sciences team at Google. “AHA and Google Life Sciences have committed to a bold new approach.”