What function do tears, crying play in grieving process?

Mark Roth for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 14, 2016 “Tearless grief bleeds inwardly.” — Christian Nevell Bovee That epigram, from an early American writer, has a great deal of scientific truth to it, says University of Pittsburgh psychiatry professor Lauren…

Finding My New Normal in Widowhood

Emily Zarecki for Huffington Post | March 14, 2016 It wasn’t until July 2009 that I had ever given the idea of a new normal, not to mention the need for finding one, any thought. There wasn’t a need for…

Being A Hospice Nurse To My Father

Linda Scruggs for Huffington Post | March 3, 2016 It has always struck me how the most powerful and wealthy can have almost anything they desire, yet our most valuable commodity remains elusive to all. The time we are given….