Well: The Doctor as Moonlighter

Photo Credit Adam McCauley Three or four nights a month, I work as a moonlighter in an intensive care unit. Moonlighting is a funny thing. If you’re sick during those 12 hours — I’m your doctor. Then morning comes and…

Well: Love on the Hospital Walls

Photo Credit Getty Images The patient I was caring for, a woman in her 40s with leukemia, had been admitted to the hospital for the second of four monthly courses of chemotherapy. She was sitting quietly in a chair by…

Well: Death and Sandwiches

Photo Credit Stuart Bradford How do you eat a sandwich after pronouncing a man dead? I pondered the question during a noon conference as I replayed the morning’s events, biting into an Italian hoagie, half-listening to a lecture on disordered…

Getting the Diagnosis Wrong

As I talked with my patient and examined her abdomen, my mind ran through this list, prioritizing what diagnoses seemed more likely. But the question remained in my head: Would I get the diagnosis correct?

Think Like a Doctor

The operation, called a gastric sleeve, went fine. Her daughter came home just a couple of days after the surgery. She had no pain. She said she felt great. And she looked bright and eager.

Patients Are Seen as Potential Donors, Many Doctors Say

More and more these days, development offices at major cancer centers are teaching doctors to seize such opportunities to raise money for the medical center or for their own research.

In an unprecedented survey of more than 400 oncologists at 40 leading cancer centers, nearly half said they had been taught to identify wealthy patients who might be prospective donors.