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Hospice Is About Living

As someone who spent almost 25 years providing hospice services to the dying, this story reminded me of the thoughts that have gone through my mind and resided in my heart far too many times.

When Dying Alone in Prison Is Too Harsh a Sentence

Op-Ed Contributor A prisoner in hospice at the Coxsackie Correctional Facility. By RACHAEL BEDARD December 28, 2015 MY patient, a man in his 60s, whispered “Gracias, God bless” over and over as I moved his legs during an exam. Our palliative care…

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Hospice Care Isn’t Enough For All The Dying

Other medical professionals also are realizing that terminally ill adults should have access to a full range of end-of-life options. In May, the California Medical Association dropped its 28-year-long opposition to medical aid in dying, acknowledging that “despite the remarkable medical breakthroughs we’ve made and the world-class hospice or palliative care we can provide, it isn’t always enough.”

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The Five Stages of Grief

Her seminal book On Death & Dying was published in 1969, in which she explained the process of dying in which she first described her now classically regarded Five Stages of Grief. The book, and the supporting publication of her ideas in Time magazine, achieved wide circulation, so that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross soon became known for her pioneering work with the terminally ill, and for her ideas in the counselling and support of those affected by death and bereavement.