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Hospice Pharmacy Solutions Completes Merger with Outcome Resources

“Both companies have a proven track record of delivering customer service excellence and cost- effective pharmacy benefit management services to hospice providers. With the combination of our clinical programs and dedicated professional staff, along with new investments in technology, we will lead by delivering unique, innovative solutions to our clients.”

Las Vegas Patients Find Support in Hospice Care

The paramount need is to honor the wishes of the patients. Over time, patients and family members can receive spiritual support, caregiver assistance and grief counseling. Family meetings led by professionals can improve communication and help family members who have withdrawn into grief.

Dr. Kenneth Beer

Drug Makers Sidestep Barriers on Pricing

The pain reliever Duexis is a combination of two old drugs, the generic equivalents of Motrin and Pepcid. If prescribed separately, the two drugs together would cost no more than $20 or $40 a month. By contrast, Duexis, which contains…

29 Secrets of Being a Caregiver

Caregiving can be a complicated job. Whether you’re a loved one or a medical professional, the experience is often exhausting and frustrating. But it can also be joyful and deeply rewarding.

Getting the Diagnosis Wrong

As I talked with my patient and examined her abdomen, my mind ran through this list, prioritizing what diagnoses seemed more likely. But the question remained in my head: Would I get the diagnosis correct?