Dear Mr. President Elect Donald J. Trump

Official White House Photo | Pete Souza
The Hospice Insider | November 9, 2016

Dear Mr. President Elect Donald J. Trump,

Congratulations on the win from all of us at The Hospice Insider. We look forward to you being an amazing president to all Americans. We will help you build us and the country to the greatest of heights and be Great Again. We know the task at hand is a large one. I have confidence knowing that a political outsider is breaking down the political doors of the White House.

As Editor in Chief, I wanted to personally congratulate you. I look forward to a great relationship and coverage of your presidency. The Hospice Insider provides news and information about end-of-life issues and we would be happy to cover your opinions and ideas about end-of-life care.

I know our publication covers only a slice of life, however, we feel a very important one. An awesome and influential man such as yourself, who has strong opinions and ideas about the rights at the end of one’s life, the care you are provided when you cannot care for yourself, and the dignity given to you and your family during a vulnerable and difficult time, could do so much for so many Americans in these areas. God willing, you will not have to confront many of these issues for some time; however, being prepared has shown to be the best way to have one’s wishes granted and respected. Let’s prepare America for the future, together.

With humility, respect and support,

Autumn Spence
Editor in Chief
The Hospice Insider


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Autumn Spence, Editor in Chief
Autumn Spence is Founder and Editor in Chief of The Hospice Insider. As a Business Development Professional and Entrepreneur, she has over 20 years experience in healthcare and hospice. Autumn is also a current member of the National Hospice Foundation Signature Events Council and CareFlash's Advisory Board.