Empathy to Enhance How Pets Age, Heal, Live, Die and Grieve is Leveraged by PrizedPals

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THE HOSPICE INSIDER | February 19, 2016

The release of PrizedPals (http://www.PrizedPals.com) for families with pets and the pet-care industry, has been released by CareFlash LLC, a new-media healthcare and pet-care company. PrizedPals offers invitation-only web and mobile-communities called CareCorrals. For those families that have pets that are healing, aging, living with chronic, cognitive or behavioral illness, or facing end of life or grieving, CareCorrals are very compelling.

Melissa Magnuson, Veterinarian/Owner of Canobie Lake, Greenland and All Pets Veterinary Hospitals says, “Pets and people age, heal, die and grieve in their own unique ways – physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. CareCorrals inject a commonly absent ingredient into individualized healing dynamics.  This 5th dimension, Social Healing, arises through the ways CareCorrals remove emotional barriers, converting sympathy to empathy and enhancing how loved ones engage.”

CareCorrals, which include a voice-activated interactive storytelling tool, community blog, photo upload library, interactive calendar, and 3D pet health animations among other features, are created and run by family members.

Jay Drayer, CareFlash and PrizedPals Founder and CEO says “I founded PrizedPals’ parent entity (CareFlash, LLC, http://www.careflash.com) in 2006 out of an extended experience as caretaker to a loved one.  CareFlash offers the Careopolis (a people-centric version of a CareCorral) through its hundreds of partnerships from throughout: acute, post-acute and chronic healthcare providers; cognitive, behavioral care and addiction-recovery providers; hospice-palliative care providers; churches, synagogues and employers wishing to strengthen employee engagement.”

Then Jay followed with PrizedPals. It leverages the numerous advantages of human-animal connections for the benefit of pet-care organizations. PrizedPals broadens the therapeutic value that people-animal connections by nurturing the physical and mental health and wellbeing of each.

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