Letter From The Editor

Autumn Spence

Autumn Spence | Founder and Editor in Chief

The Hospice Insider launched as a media organization in 2015 dedicated to hospice, palliative care and end-of-life issues.

The death debate is as hot and contentious as ever from our dining rooms to the halls of congress. With some states passing physician assisted suicide bills, also know as Right-To-Die legislation, many individuals are opposed to such choices. It seems, as if the life long topic of death is still relevant if not trending.

It is the perfect topic for the 21st century to tackle through technology, blogs and tweets. Does death have a Facebook page? It sure does and as many faces as you can imagine. There are sites dedicated to grief, loss, healing, hospice, palliative care and many more topics surrounding the issue of death and dying. The touching and courageous story of Brittany Manynard and her move to Oregon made front-page news, covered by traditional media outlets, tweeted and shared by many on social media. It got us thinking about what would we do if we were presented with the same choices she was? How would we handle the grief and loss of her spouse, family and friends? Would we support a loved one making the same decision?

Many have come to answer those very questions and to present many more for us to ponder within the pages of The Hospice Insider. For example, How do you choose a hospice? What is the difference between Hospice and Palliative Care? How can I help someone who is grieving? How to move on after a death of a spouse, parent or child? What can you do to honor them after their death? Did you know there is Hospice Care available in some areas for your pet? Looking to enter the palliative care field? What types of Fundraising events are going on? Looking for a way to volunteer and contribute? We have found there are more questions than answers and it has become clear that patients, families, professionals and businesses needed a place to find news, information and support about hospice, palliative care and end-of-life issues. We are committed to provide dynamic news and information to the hospice community and to support you with resources at your greatest time of need.

The Hospice Insider’s long-term vision is a world that celebrates and embraces birth, life and death with love, compassion and understanding.

To accomplish this, our mission is to inform everyone about all aspects of hospice, palliative care, death and dying to provide knowledge, respect and dignity to all. The short-term goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for healthcare workers, caretakers, patients and family members. Additionally, provide community awareness for the issues facing all vulnerable populations in regards to hospice, palliative and end-of-life care. Our core values education, compassion, respectful and integrity addressing our goals for The Hospice Insider.

The launch is October 10th, 2015 in time to celebrate and raise awareness for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. We believe hospice is about living and celebrating all aspects of ones life. Often we learn the best lessons from those closer to the end of their life, or in some cases, years after their death. We want to thank our writers, contributors, colleagues, family and friends. We also want to thank our readers, followers and supporters for making this a 21st Century dream a reality. #HospiceFan #LiveLikeYouAreDying