Carrying Hospice Messages to New Audiences

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For Immediate Release:
December 7, 2015

NHPCO puts out video via American Airlines and offers info to Costco Connection

(Alexandria, VA) – In recent weeks, millions of people have had the opportunity to learn more about hospice and palliative care through outreach and efforts of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and National Hospice Foundation.

American Airlines

American Airlines travelers in business and first-class will see a short film that may challenge everything they think they know about hospice care.  The new video portrays the meaningful moments that can still happen, despite a life-limiting serious or terminal illness and shatters the myth that choosing hospice is “giving up.”

Narrated by NHPCO’s senior vice-president of strategic communications, Anita Brikman, the video shows real hospice patients from across the U.S. who kept on living fully and cherishing special moments spent with family and friends.

“The fact is, in many cases, a patient’s quality of life actually gets better, when he or she chooses hospice care in enough time to take advantage of all it has to offer,” said Brikman.

The film will be broadcast to approximately a quarter-million travelers this fall, on more than 5,800 American Airlines video-equipped flights. It will also be shared via the National Hospice Foundation and social media sources to help people understand the many benefits of hospice and palliative care.

Costco Members

NHPCO worked with the editor of Costco’s member publication, Costco Connection, sharing information about hospice care in the November issue’s Health Calendar column. November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month and the Costco Connection health tip provided key messages about hospice care.

The online version of the November Costco Connection includes a link to an educational video “What is Hospice?”  It addresses common questions many people have, including: “When is it time for hospice?” and “How can hospice help a patient and family?”

Explaining Palliative Care

In recent weeks, NHPCO also posted a new video sharing one woman’s battle with lupus, and the ways palliative care brought hope and quality of life back to her as she copes with this disease.

Deadra’s Story” is part of the Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice national outreach campaign and uses the stories of real patients and families to show that hospice and palliative care are all about living as fully as possible.

“Whether they are flying the skies, shopping at one of America’s favorite retailers, or surfing the web, we’re working to  reach and educate all people about the benefits of hospice and palliative care,” said J. Donald Schumacher, NHPCO president and CEO.

To learn more about hospice and palliative care or to find a provider in your area, visit the Moments of Life website.


Anita Brikman
NHPCO Senior Vice President, Communications
Ph: 703-837-3154.