Drug Prices Are Too High. Here’s How to Fix Them

In 1990, scientists in Italy published a study comparing the efficacy of two heart medications. After looking at more than 12,400 cases, they concluded that the newer and more expensive drug provided no significant improvement in health outcomes.

DNA Grid

Cheap DNA Sequencing Is Here. Writing DNA Is Next

At Twist Biosciences’ office in San Francisco, CEO Emily Leproust pulled out of her tote bag two things she carries around everywhere: a standard 96-well plastic plate ubiquitous in biology labs and her company’s invention, a silicon wafer studded with a similar number of nanowells.

Heart Anatomy

Google Aims a $50 Million Moonshot at Curing Heart Disease

“Traditional research funding models are often incremental and piecemeal, making it difficult to study a long-term, multifaceted subject,” Andrew Conrad, CEO of the life sciences team at Google. “AHA and Google Life Sciences have committed to a bold new approach.”

The Treatment Gap

Thomas Insel There are several truths about mental disorders. The first is that they are associated with higher levels of disability than nearly all other medical disorders. Unlike most forms of heart disease and cancer, mental disorders often begin before…