Welcome To The Best Job On Earth: Hospice Nurse

Hospice NurseHospice Nurse | iStockphoto Extended
Monday, December 7, 2015 | New Britain Herald
By Jill Lincoln, RN, BSN

People often ask me how I can do my job. My job can be heartbreaking on a daily basis, yet it can be the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. My job puts everything into perspective; I am not rattled if my children get C’s in school or if my husband has a head cold.

I am a hospice nurse.

I am honored to tend to patients’ and families’ needs at the most crucial time in their lives. I am honored to be welcomed into their homes and watch them tend to their loved ones, making them comfortable, in their last days on this Earth.

There is calmness in the air when a patient and their family are at peace with their end of life decisions.

When there is no hope for a cure, or for more time, I have found that there is hope for comfort and quality of life, whether it is hours, days, weeks, or months. When the battle against a terminal illness has ended, a new focus can emerge on spending time with family and doing things that have meaning.

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