Hospice of the Piedmont Prepares to Open Center for Acute Hospice Care

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January 8, 2015 | Daily Progress
by Chris Suarez

It may be a long time before doctors and scientists can make the challenges of dying less complicated. However, local palliative care will “never be the same” when the new Center for Acute Hospice Care opens Monday, says James Avery, CEO of the Hospice of the Piedmont.

At a ribbon-cutting Wednesday, Hospice of the Piedmont and University of Virginia Health System officials unveiled the center, a “cutting-edge, state-of-the art” 10-bed unit at the UVa Transitional Care Hospital on Ivy Road.

Once the facility opens, Central Virginia families seeking hospice care for a loved one who is too sickly for in-home care will have a local option that offers the amenities and resources of both an inpatient hospice facility and a hospital.

“Death is typically not a medical event. A home death is best for the patient and the family,” Avery said, adding that 95 percent of Piedmont’s patients receive in-home care.

“But for some, that is impossible. Perhaps a spouse can’t take care of the patient or things are just too difficult at home,” he said, explaining the need for inpatient hospice care centers such as its Hospice House on Park Street. “It is as close to home as one can get.”

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